Published:1 August 2002
Format:Paperback 208 pp illustrations and photos
Category:Parenting & Childcare

Parenting after Separation

Making the most of family changes

Jill Burrett

Parenting after Separation is a guide to parenting successfully from two households. This situation is now increasingly common, with our national divorce rate at over 35%. In this practical and sympathetic book, Jill Burrett shows how parents - despite the disappointments of separating - can continue their commitment to their children to ensure that they thrive. In Parenting after Separation, the author explains how to:

  • Maintain a positive approach to a parent's most important job - caring for your children
  • Consider your ex-partner's point of view, whether or not you sympathise with it
  • Recognise the importance of a father's contribution to children's lives, and so co-parent on an equal basis
  • Do the best for your children, whether they're with you most of the time or visit you regularly
  • Successfully blend families and assume new and unexpected roles, such as stepmum or stepdad
  • Effectively manage single-parent families whether you are a mum or a dad
  • Get on with your life in a positive way, so you can grow and change.

Jill shares her extensive experience with families experiencing change to help parents understand what is best for their children. Some of her beliefs are:

  • Parents should give their children optimism for the future
  • It’s what you do when you are with your children that matters, not how much time you spend with them
  • Living through the difficulties of changes in families is an opportunity for all members (parents and children) to learn about dealing with hurt and anger and adjusting to new situations
  • Useful things can come out of separation, while nothing will come from lifelong resentment.

˜Relationship breakdown is a complex process in which children need to be the primary focus. Jill's down-to-earth approach and practical ideas will prove to be an invaluable resource to parents going through this experience.'  Karen Morris, Counselling and Mediation, Interrelate NSW
'After separation, one of our key tasks is to learn to cooperate and effectively co-parent our children. The current generation of parents are pioneers in this very difficult task, and this book provides valuable guidance and encouragement.' Anne Hollonds, Relationships Australia (NSW).

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Jill Burrett

Jill Burrett is a consulting psychologist, in private practice in Sydney, who provides counselling and assessment services for a wide range of individual and family problems. She writes from personal and professional experience of the effects of separation on families, and is the author of Parenting after Separation and co-author of Shared Parenting. Her other books on divorce, relationships and parenting include But I Want to Stay With You, Dad's Place and Making Good Decisions About Relationships and Separating.

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